Why cookin ?

Cookin has several advantages over ordering food from outside

  • At cookin your favourite meal is prepared at your kitchen under your supervision in the most Healthy and Hygienic way possible.
  • You can select your own cook based on reviews and other information about them.
  • cookin is highly economical as compared to online food ordering.

Online order

2 * Curies

Price: Rs 250-400

Quantity: 200-250 grams each


Price: Rs 100-150

Quantity: 250-300 grams


Price: Rs 100-250

Quantity: 10

Total: Rs 450-800

Sufficient For 2 people


2 * Curies

Quantity: Upto 500 grams each

Ingredients: Rs 40-150


Quantity: Upto 500 grams

Ingredients: Rs 20-40


Quantity: Upto 12

Ingredients: Rs 10-30

Total: Rs 400-570

Sufficient For 5 people